Cleaning, purging, streamlining.

Part of moving for me, and I imagine most people is cleaning closets, drawers and rooms. All excess and non-essential items must be eliminated!  Fortunately, our neighborhood is having their annual garage sale.  Would I rather battle it out in Dante’s Fifth Circle of Hell?  Probably.  But this will mean less to move as well as generating cash for things I do need.

I’m also starting to think about a final season of tidying my current yard and how my new landscape will look.  I’m leaning towards xeriscaping.  For those not familiar with this, it requires little or no irrigation.  And we’re not talking cacti and rocks.  There are a lot of great options.

So as to my current yard-do I want to take anything?  I ordered this yellow peony from an online site years ago and it’s a real stunner.  I’m not sure if it will have a spot in my new yard but I will divide it this September to give to family members.  Then I have the option of taking a piece from them once I get established.

Now back to that garage sale.  So much to sort, price and display.   This isn’t my first rodeo, so I do have the process down.  In addition to the obvious-tables, I also have clothing racks. These printed price labels make things a bit easier.

As does this cash box.  It has been loaned out a number of times for parties and sales my friends have had.

One tip I did pick up along the way is to use tablecloths to make your sale more visually appealing.  These from Wal-Mart have been used for parties or loaned out as well.

I have the use of a computer and printer so I’ll make up a few signs to advertise certain items.  Once again, giving everything a bit more polished look.  And as a final touch, I will have some cold water available for sale.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for me I will now be using the next 2 weekends for the sale.  There was some confusion with the HOA and the neighbors as to the date.  So considering the mass amount of items I have to sell, I have decided to extend the dates I’m open.  Now where is my Advil….😜

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